Our vision

Our 4 vision points describe the purpose and mission of our church. Why we do what we do and what it is for. 

Knowing Jesus

We know that knowing Jesus is the greatest and most important thing in life. He is the foundation on which the Church is built. Everything is created through him, for him and towards him. He is the centre of history and everything revolves around him as a person, the cross and the empty tomb. If we know Jesus, we personally know the way, the truth and the life. We know goodness, love, peace and freedom. 

Living faith

A faith in Jesus that remains theoretical is powerless and empty. If we only hear and believe theological truths that make no tangible difference in our lives, we deceive ourselves. If our faith does not become active, if it is not courageous, consistent, tangible and full of faith in the best sense, then we only think - but do not believe. 

Loving people

Knowing Jesus is the greatest thing, but loving your neighbour is equal to that. For God so loved the world. Because of his love for people, Jesus gave everything and this love was his motivation to die on the cross for us. Our God loves people. He says: Love one another as I have loved you. Whoever loves God also loves people. People are the greatest thing for God. 

Bringing hope

Our cities need a church that is not about itself, but has a mission and lives it. Our environment needs hope in difficult circumstances and people who make a positive difference. Go out. Do something. We don't keep the best message in the world to ourselves. The church is the city on a hill. A lighthouse in the dark.